Non Slip Floor Coating

Non Slip Floor Coating

We have the perfect solution for slippery floors. You can either apply a coating to your existing floor or add it during construction. Either way, you’ll have an amazing non-slip surface that will keep everything in place and make life safer for everyone!

If you have non slip flooring in Newcastle, non skid coating application for existing floors will make the surface stronger and increase its lifespan. On polished concrete floors non slip coating can protect against thermal cracking or chemical deterioration and make it last much longer.

We are professionals when it comes to non slip floor coating applications in Newcastle. We provide non-slip coatings for bathrooms and kitchens, which help prevent slips, trips, and falls as well as providing a non-slip floor coating service that is both fast drying and affordable!

Get non slip floor coating service in Newcastle, NSW

We have non slip floor coating, so you can walk confidently with a sure-footed step. You can rest assured that your non slip floor coating is being done by experienced non slip floor coating service in Newcastle, NSW.

The non slip floor coating price is very affordable compared to most products and services out there. This makes non slip floor coating even better because it comes cheap without sacrificing quality.

We are proud of our non slip floor coating workmanship and product, which we believe you will enjoy with our non slip floor coating. We want to be your non slip floor coating service provider among the others available in Newcastle, NSW non slip floor coating.

Anti Slip Floor Coating for a Safe Environment

We are dedicated to helping you make your home a safe environment with our non-slip floor coatings. We know that safety should be the number one priority for any household, no matter how big or small!

Here at Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro, we offer a non-slip solution for every situation. If you are looking to avoid trips and falls in your own home or business, then look no further than non slip floor coatings. We can provide non slip epoxy coatings for just about any surface that you can think of! Whether it is tiles, concrete, or timber, our non slip coating options will give you the safety and peace of mind that all homes deserve.

We have several non slip floor coating services available for both residential and commercial locations. Our proven non slip Epoxy Flooring solutions will add a whole lot more life to many different areas of your property – without costing you a fortune!

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