Driveway Coating

Driveway Coating

Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro is the leading name in driveway coating. Our products are designed to protect and beautify your home’s exterior for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a protective sealant or need us to remove old paint, give our team of experts a call today!

Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro offers a variety of driveway coating services including driveway sealer for those looking to protect their driveway from the damaging effects of the environment and driveway paint for homeowners who are just looking to give their driveway a brand new look. We also offer an anti-slip service, which can be used on concrete or asphalt surfaces! Our specialists will work with you to provide professional recommendations that fit your needs and budget.

Being a locally owned and operated driveway coating service in Newcastle, NSW means that Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro is not only able to provide quality driveway coating services at affordable prices but also to ensure that you are receiving the best service for your money.

Protect your driveway from damage

In Newcastle, driveway coatings are an ideal option for homeowners looking to protect their driveway from costly damage. Homeowners in Newcastle know that one of the best ways to protect a driveway is by using driveway coatings.

This type of product can be used as either a protective or decorative coating which adds value and aesthetic appeal to your property. The driveway coating process begins with the preparation of your driveway by sweeping or vacuuming loose and flaking material.

The materials used in the manufacture of driveway coatings meet local road requirements which minimize any impact on the environment. As driveway coatings are normally water-based, they tend to dry quickly and clean-up is made easy.

Don’t have to settle for driveway paint anymore!

Don’t settle for driveway paint when you can get the best driveway coating for your home or business in Newcastle. Local and long-lasting, we apply a coating system that makes sure your driveway will be lastingly beautiful with no ongoing maintenance required.

Applying driveway paint and driveway coatings is one of our specialties here at Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro. For many years we’ve been the experts in driveway flooring so contact us today to find out why we have clients coming back time and again! If you’re at all interested in driveway coating services that will give your driveway a new lease on life then you’ve come to the right place.

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