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Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro is the expert when it comes to epoxy flooring. We have been servicing Newcastle for many years. We have installed epoxy flooring in some of Newcastle’s most iconic buildings throughout the Newcastle area. Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro is proud to be one of the leading epoxy flooring services in Newcastle, supplying and installing high-quality seamless and trowelled finishes on all types of floors.

Get your new epoxy flooring in Newcastle today!

Get your new epoxy flooring in Newcastle today from Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro! We ensure that your new epoxy floor will look great for years to come by adhering to the highest standards in the industry.

A lot of people who have used our services have found them very effective and can testify that they love their new floors at home. You can even get an epoxy floor installed in your commercial premises such as stores, offices, and many more! If you want a hard-wearing and durable floor option that will last for many years, then get in touch with us now! We’ll be happy to help.

Expertise means you only need to call one company

If you’re looking for the best epoxy flooring company and want to be sure that your project is completed with expertise, then call Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro. They are the most qualified epoxy flooring company in Newcastle and have years of experience.

With a strong commitment to customer care and quality, you can be sure that your new epoxy floor will be completed with premium results by this Newcastle epoxy floor service company. Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro are experts at their trade and offer high-quality workmanship. If you’re looking for an epoxy floor installer, then contact Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro today!


Our Services

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro offers a wide range of garage epoxy flooring solutions for your home or business in Newcastle. Epoxy flooring is the ideal choice for any garage or workshop. Our epoxy flooring for garages can provide a high-quality finish that is resistant to chemicals, spills, and scuffs and is moisture resistant so as not to discolor or fade over time.

Industrial Floors

Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro is ready to transform your industrial floors with their expertise and experience. You don’t have to settle for bland concrete or tiles when you can invest in an attractive surface that will last for years without cracking or fading away as traditional materials do

Commercial Floors

We offer expert installation for any size project with their wide range of products that will fit your needs perfectly. The benefits of epoxy flooring in commercial spaces are not limited to the office. From a hospital lobby to a retail store, or even an industrial warehouse, businesses can benefit from this durable and beautiful product.

Driveway Coating

Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro is the leading name in driveway coating. Our products are designed to protect and beautify your home’s exterior for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a protective sealant or need us to remove old paint, give our team of experts a call today! 

Non Slip Floor Coating

We have the perfect solution for slippery floors. You can either apply a coating to your existing floor or add it during construction. Either way, you’ll have an amazing non-slip surface that will keep everything in place and make life safer for everyone!

Concrete Overlays & Toppings

Epoxy overlays and toppings are a great way to improve the look of your concrete floor. You can either use an epoxy overlay or apply an epoxy topping, but they both offer different benefits for your flooring project. We at Epoxy Floor Newcastle Pro will help you decide which is best for your project and what it will do to help improve your floor.

You will love your floor after an epoxy application!

Say goodbye to installation headaches and hello to a beautiful epoxy floor! We are experts in installing all types of epoxy floors, including frost-resistant epoxy. No cracks or chips with our workmanship. Our workers are able to cover uneven surfaces such as concrete, making it possible for you to enjoy smooth walking on the surface of your indoor or outdoor space.

If you are having your flooring professionally installed by our team, we will be able to match any color and style that you want. This is because we use high-quality epoxy resin for all of our projects. We also have a range of different colors in epoxy grout for your convenience. These include black, white, brick, and sandstone.

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We’ll bring your floors to life with a new finish

We’re experts at giving your floor that fresh, new look. From applying epoxy to taking care of those pesky cracks or gaps in the grouting – we have you covered. Our team of expert technicians ensures you get the best floor finishing service around to bring life back into those dull or damaged floors.
Epoxy flooring is a great option for any residential or commercial property looking to update its existing flooring. It’s just another one of the many reasons why epoxy has become one of our most popular options in Newcastle among homeowners and business owners alike.
We promise that our expert technicians will provide only the best service around and they’ll come with all the equipment necessary to perform the job effectively and efficiently.

What separates us from other companies in the Newcastle, NSW area?

We use epoxy floor services to offer you the best. Newcastle, NSW’s the best option for your new floor installation or repair needs.

Every project is done professionally and with the highest quality to ensure that you are fully satisfied. Our epoxy floor services will make your room stand out from the rest. With our epoxy floors, everyone will be looking at your new or existing rooms in envy!

We use epoxy flooring because it offers a smooth surface that is easy to clean and can’t stain easily. It also has an anti-slip feature which makes it safe for children and pets to run around on without any problems arising. If you want functionality in addition to high quality, then this is definitely the product for you.

One of the greatest aspects of having a new epoxy floor installed is making your home look shiny and brand new. If you want this shine in your home but don’t know where to begin with repairs or installation work then we’re the people to call.

Our prices are always reasonable for our customers in Newcastle, NSW and we will never charge more than what is needed for the job. This means that you’ll have hardwood flooring that looks great but doesn’t hurt your wallet as much! Check out Tiling Edmonton.

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We want to ensure that everyone feels satisfied with their new floor installation so please feel free to contact us today if you need any type of epoxy flooring installed or repaired quickly and professionally.

With years of experience under our belts when it comes to epoxy flooring and flooring in general, we’re sure that you’ll be satisfied with the end product.

We’re also happy to talk about your options and the best way to go about epoxy flooring for your home or workplace.

Our staff are more than happy to help with any queries you may have so feel free to call today! 0240581287

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